The ORGANIXtex System

ORGANIXtex is a sustainable and 100% plastic-free packaging system for packaging textiles in dry cleaners, laundries, hotels and the garment industry. The basis of this innovative concept is the 100% organic ORGANIXtex protective cover, which is 100% home compostable. Our packaging machines ORGANIX 630 KST/KW are perfectly adapted to the ORGANIXtex packaging material.

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The Green Alternative

The new ORGANIXtex protective cover is the perfect solution for future-oriented dry cleaners and laundries. Environmentally conscious customers will find a green alternative to the common plastic covers. ORGANIXtex consists of 100% organic granulate and can be processed on any packaging machine with impulse sealing technology.

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Hygienic and durable

With ORGANIXtex your favourite clothes remain 100% hygienically packed. Cleaned garments are optimally protected against moisture and dust, but also against physical contact, e.g. during transport. Thanks to its air-permeable characteristics, the packaged clothes can even be stored for longer periods or when travelling.

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Completely natural

Other than so-called bio-plastics, which are often found on the market, the ORGANIXtex material is not only biodegradable, but also completely home compostable. This means that no energy-intensive rotting processes are necessary in the recycling plant – ORGANIXtex naturally weathers in the domestic compost.

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Our ORGANIXtex concept is completed by the two sealing devices ORGANIX 630 KST and ORGANIX 630 KW, both adapted to the new packaging material and matching the idea in green design with wooden handle. 

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