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ORGANIXprotect Protective Packaging


The ORGANIXprotect protective packaging is made exclusively from sustainable raw materials and is 100% plastic-free, compostable or recyclable. At the same time, the material can be processed just like conventional plastic films and equally fulfills all the requirements that are demanded of a packaging: Protection, flexibility and durability – but in GREEN!

* 100% free from petroleum-based plastic

  • available as self-adhesive bags in different sizes
  • or as standard rolls for individual customization
  • can be used everywhere and is flexible for any application

Important advice

Non-sterile. Only pack dry and cool products/sterile goods, risk of condensation. ORGANIXprotect is not suitable as a safety bag for disinfected medical devices.

ORGANIXprotect S

Self-adhesive bags

Prefabricated self-adhesive pouches in various sizes for a convenient packaging without the need for a sealing device. Best suited for packaging standardized contents or where space is limited.

Sizes of self-adhesive pouches:

  • 200 x 300 + 50 mm
  • 250 x 400 + 50 mm
  • 300 x 500 + 50 mm
  • 420 x 750 + 50 mm

Tolerance range +/- 2 mm.
Other sizes on request.

ORGANIXprotect R

roll material

Standard rolls in various widths for the individual adaptation to the product to be packed. The protective packaging can be produced cost-effectively and accurately with the aid of a film sealing device.

Sizes roll goods:

  • 200 mm x 400 m
  • 250 mm x 400 m
  • 300 mm x 400 m

ORGANIXprotect B

The perfect bed protection for future-oriented hospitals and care facilities.



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